LVM on Linux

Since I joined at IBM I was working with AIX, yes I never was using AIX but sure at IBM is normal to use AIX, I didn’t like too much, and so because I’m a linux user anyway, the reazon is, AIX work with LVM I do not say linux not work with LVM becaus it can. so is not very comun use LVM I think, well the case is AIX use LVM always or in the cases I installed AIX use LVM. Well, Linux use de LVM some diferent than AIX, the last week a coworker ask me for help in some linux, He liked to resize a VG but suse don’t have a smit tool, I don’t know maybe with yast we can did it.

How we did resolv it, it was so easy,  below the steps that we did follow!

  • lvextend –size 10G /dev/mapper/dev
  • fsck /dev/mapper/dev
  • resize2fs /dev/mapper/dev
  • mount -a

and  did a df -h

we saw it was resize

really it was so very easy,

now my coworker is very very very happy and I’m happy too 😀



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