New Job

Almost of my friends, or people who know me, know  that I changed of job the las week, actually I’m workint at TCS (TATA Consulting Services), with the indian people. one thing it’s very different in this new job, I can’t use my computer equipment to do personal things, just to do a work task.

I’m glad in my new job, I hope to be a lot of hardwork, my new coworkers are very very, funy, I like this new team.

TCS  I like this logo, =)


3 Responses to “New Job”

  1. avatar Josue says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  2. avatar Lozbo says:

    Ájalas, tatá bueno pues’n. Tata Kikín, tu antispam me sigue dando pedillos, me mira feo cada que entro a tu página e insiste en que soy un robot 🙁 Kikín neta no es posible, el Akismet antispam de Matt que viene preinstalado con WordPress funciona chido, por cierto ya actualiza de versión 😛

  3. avatar BeAN says:

    Respeto … Nice place to work… I wanna work there..

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