From my Work

Hi, this’s without importance post, but this post is posted inside of my new job, wich is my surprise, I can access to may blog, this out of the black list bay de way =)

anyway, I’m glat to have access to the Internet, restricted access but I have access 🙂

Today was my firs day of KT Knowledge Transfer, I changed of application project, my currently project is call CLMS, the last was LPFA, all right is time to start the show.


3 Responses to “From my Work”

  1. avatar Peter says:

    Vaya un agujero de seguridad, tendré que reportarlo, jeje

  2. avatar Geronimo says:

    Ay cabron,

    No mames wey mejor escribe en español, no se como te pasaste a tratar de escribir en ingles si hasta cuando escribias en español apenas se te entendia.

    “may blog” ? ” bay de way ” ? WTF!!!!! Eres un insulto a la pupila cabron!!

    Vas a pagar la consulta al oftalmologo por hacernos leer esto.

  3. avatar BeAN says:


    Geronimos’ comment made me cied.. was too fanny

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