Resume (CV)

Bernardo Mejía Paredes
Age 27 years old
Status Single
Pto. Tehuantepec #27 Col. Miramar C.P. 45060
Home 31800611
Movil 3314103619


  • PHP [Medium]
  • C [Beginner]
  • C ++ [Beginner]
  • Perl [Beginner]
  • Java [Beginner]
  • JavaScript[Beginner]
  • HTML [Advanced]
  • CSS [Beginner]
  • AJAX & XAJAX [Learning]


  • MySQL [Medium]
  • mSQL [Mediuim]

Operating Systems

  • Linux [Advanced]
    • Apache
    • Virtual Private Network(OpenVPN)
    • Qmail, Sendmail
    • DHCP
    • DNS (Bind 8 Bind 9)
    • Samba
    • Iptables
    • backups
    • Squid
    • Bash scripting
  • Windows (XP)
    • Active Directory
  • Solaris (8,9,10)
    • Bash scripting
    • Solaris admin tools
    • Services admin
    • OpenSource installing packages
    • Mail Services (JES)
    • Storage Admin (T3)


  • Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativos (November 2005/now)
    Sys Admin (Management Sun Servers, Linux Servers, and Windows Servers)
  • Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativos (August 2003/now)
    Professor of subject (Operative Systems Level 2 & 3)
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Jalisco (June 2004/November 2005)
    Sys Admin (Management Linux servers, OS X, Technical support)
  • Trulinux (2005)
    Tecnichal suport (Linux services)
  • Sumida de México(2003)
    Sys Admin Jr.
  • Coordinación de Cooperación Ácademica (2004) [Freelance]
    Installing FileServer (Primary Domain Controller), & Technical support
  • LLS International (2003) [Freelance]
    Design & Network Implementing
  • Industrias Peace (2003) [Freelance]
    Mail server installation & DNS management
  • Preludio Arte & Fotografía (2002-2005) [Freelance]
    Technical support & Networking administration


I’m part of AIX sys admin to DST team for IBM


  • I develop a shells scripts to managa my diferent work servers
  • I develop a shells for start | restart| stop mail services
  • I develop a shells for start | restart| stop webserver with cherokee webserver
  • I develop a shells for firewall service
  • I implement scripts to open/close Internet Services in CUCEA (Bash & Perl)
  • I did backups scripts
  • I was a GLO’s president at 2006
  • I was staff for Festival de Software Libre
  • I did a shell scripting course at DSI
  • I was develop, desing & implement web page for CEMSSYT & opensource tools
  • I was implement a total backup script for CEMSSYT

My experience also include 2 positions from 2003 at now

I started working at the age of 21. My first job was as giving technical support at Grupo Aullox then became a Linux system administrator, in this job I learned the basics of PHP and mysql sentence. At Grupo Aullox I was a scholarship holder, after that I worked at Sumida de México as a Linux system administrator. I learned the vpn with openvpn and basics of iptables. I also worked at the Universidad Tecnológica de Jalisco as IT Manager, after that I worked in Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativas as Servers manager until now.

Interest & Abilities

I’m a hardworking and lovely Linux and opensource systems.
I like learning new things.
I use 90+ % of opensource software in my personal and professional life.
My native language is spanish and I speak quite a bit of english, I would like to learn French and Italian.
Now I am working with cherokee webserver, in my acutal job I have one production server working with cherokee, the finish are work with cherokee in all servers.
Now I learning to ajax standar with php, and xajax scripts

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