It was great

Yesterday it was a great day, since I joined to work at TATA, I thoug it was the most cool day, why? because I didn’t do anything =)  this is not true, well the last Thursday joined us 4 or 5 new guys, between that, my friend Dario ho no, is that a song jeje, anyway, Hugo joined us.

But he is not working in my team, he’ll be in another project, just one of the new guys is my team, and I have to give him “training”, it was comfortable, because, although I have just a week and half, yes I was learning the basics. And the Enrique he’s the new in the team, is smart. We passed the isecurity quiz, with some chances but we can passed. like when Ivan helped me, I helped Enrique.

I love my job, anyway, the next monday I’ll start my training, I’ll hope it, my nbk is not arrive though.


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