Despues de casi 5 años

Despues de casi 5 años de estar trabajando en la UdeG hoy me doy cuenta que ya estoy homologado, anteriormente no me homologaron por la flojera de no titularme, algunos ya sabrán a lo que me refiero. Pero hoy ya estoy homolagdo claro gracias al CUNorte donde se llevo a cabo. Â

From my Work

Hi, this’s without importance post, but this post is posted inside of my new job, wich is my surprise, I can access to may blog, this out of the black list bay de way =) anyway, I’m glat to have access to the Internet, restricted access but I have access 🙂 Today was my firs

It was great

Yesterday it was a great day, since I joined to work at TATA, I thoug it was the most cool day, why? because I didn’t do anything =)Â this is not true, well the last Thursday joined us 4 or 5 new guys, between that, my friend Dario ho no, is that a song jeje,